Students are allowed to receive visitors on 1st and 3rd Sunday's only from 2:00pm to 4:30pm. Visitors are not allowed during week days because it greatly disrupts students' studies. On no account should visitors be entertained in the dormitory or classrooms. Students will be punish for entertaining visitors at wrong hours


Students would be required to assist in keeping the school premises, dormitory and their surroundings clean and tidy. There will be general cleaning every weekend in both the boys' and girls' dormitories. There will also be inter- houses cleaning competition at the end of every month.

Approved Code of Conduct
Offences Disciplinary Measures
Sexual misconduct (lesbianism, gay, rape etc) Suspension ,Withdrawal or Dismissal
Drunkenness Instance withdrawal/dismissal First instance suspension, Punishment. Subsequent
Insubordination to authority Warning, appropriate Punishment depending on the Seriousness of individual case
Possession, use of hard Drugs and offensive Substances Suspension/dismissal and or arrest
Examination malpractice Suspension/withdrawal
Movement and or mishandling of school property without Permission. Warning, appropriate punishment
(a) Established Pregnancy (b) Established pregnancy between a boy and a girl of the school. (a) Dismissal for non - candidates Registered candidates would be allowed to come and write the final exams. (b) Dismissal for both.
a) Fighting/Quarreling b) Prefects founds breaking school Rules and Regulation Manual work, suspension or Withdrawal/Dismissal.
Failure to participate in school examination Repetition, suspension or withdrawal/ Dismissals.
Stealing Suspension, dismissal and or arrest
Dodging classes, Evening studies or any School function/gathering Punishment as appropriate, bond of good behaviour.
Rioting, Incitement, Instigation to Rioting Suspension, withdrawal/Dismissal
Insult/assault on any member of staff / fellow students (a) Verbal assault (b) Physical assault Suspension, dismissal, punishment as appropriate, bond of good behaviour letter of apology to read at assembly (b) Dismissal
Improper dressing, wrong footwear, Bushy/unacceptable haircut. Wrong dressing code without permission Warning, appropriate punishment, manual work, suspension, Seizure of Item(s)
Using unapproved Electrical/electronic gadgets Seizure of the said equipment and appropriate punishment
Negligence of duty (House and school duties) Warning, punishment as appropriate
Unnecessary noise Making (especially in the night) Warning, appropriate punishment
Possession and use of Offensive weapons Seizure, suspension, dismissal and arrest.
Defamation of character Spreading of wrong/inaccurate information about the school or other persons. Manual labour, suspension and punishment as appropriate/ Dismissal
Loss or destruction of School Property Double payment for the Loss / destroyed items
Breaking Bounds - External/Internal Appropriate Punishment, Suspension/Dismissal
Serious cases of bullying - treatment that might cause injury or harm to the person or dehumanizes the person e.g. belting, kneeling down for prolonged time, pouring dirty water on someone, etc. First Offence: Internal suspension for five days, bond of good behaviour. Second Offence: Suspension, Dismissal / withdrawal
Disrespect for and lateness to school gatherings Warning, suspension, bond of good behaviour.
Failure to turn up at school on the re-opening day without permission Arrival at school on re-opening day / Exeat after 5:00pm. Warning and Manual work. A day additional work for each day/week.
Absence from school for 14 days/more after re-opening without permission Dismissal
a) Entertaining visitors at wrong time and wrong place. b) Day student found in the dormitory. c) A boarder found in the dormitory with a day student. Washing of bowls or punishment as appropriate
Entertaining visitors at night without permission Warning, suspension and bond of good behaviour and punishment as appropriate.
a) Disturbance and loitering during prep, silence hour etc (b) Being found together during a ) Manual work after school b) Bond of good behaviour and manual work.
Dodging Church Services and appropriate devotion First Offence: Admonition & punishment Second Offence: Bond of good behaviour and appropriate punishment
Absence from the dormitory after curfew without permission. Appropriate punishment.
a) Lateness to dining sessions; b) Taking food out of dining hall without permission; eating with fingers in the dining hall except banku a) Food will be seized, offender made to scrub, wash bowls etc. Five offences: Bond of good behaviour and appropriate punishment.
Movement of classroom furniture without permission Admonition, warning, appropriate punishment, suspension.
Learning after curfew without permission Admonition, counseling, warning, suspension, bond of good behaviour
Student who proves; incorrigible Dismissal
Getting locked up in the dormitory; waking up too early /late and being found in the dormitory and classroom at the wrong time First Offence: Offender would be made to wash dining hall bowls for three days. Second Offence: Same punishment would be meted out but this time for five days. Third Offence: Withdrawal from boarding
Failing to inform house parents about problems and complaints before calling the house(parents), Sleeping in the dormitory without permission First Offence: manual work for two days Second Offence: Manual work for five days Manual work for five days, bond of good behaviour, appropriate punishment
Dodging of morning trotting and other Sporting Activities Offender would be made to work, bond of good behaviour, suspension, dismissal
Occultism or Tattoo, homosexualism Dismissal
Possessing / use of mobile phone Confiscation and Dismissal
Choke/choking/choke-up/choke-off Appropriate punishment

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