You are welcome to Wallahs Academy Senior High School, the domain of eagles! I bid you a hearty welcome to this great intuition which has but a humble beginning. Wallahs Academy Senior High School is barely ten (10) years old but we have a lot to show for it as your navigation of this site will reveal to you. This website has basically all information you are looking for.
We are accredited and certified by all statutory educational regulatory bodies in this country, consequently, we a private school of decent repute. Evidently, we are a WAEC examination centre. Though a private school, our fees are moderate on top of which we offer scholarships to brilliant but needy students. We can assure you that over 80% of our products have so far moved on in their academic trajectories because our offer of scholarship does not end with a successful competition of this institution. We are indeed in partnership with a German organization that offers scholarships to our successful candidates to be able to enter tertiary institutions.
We are about the most disciplined private institution in this part of the world, one of the reasons we are not necessarily interested in a great population. Though some say private boarding institutions are troublesome to manage, we do not think so. We make our students responsible to the extent that a junior is able to correct his senior when the need arises.
Our school offers all the SHS elective courses you can think about. We hope we shall partner to train our national resources together. We hope to see you soon.
Maxwell Wallahs Afram (ESQ)


The aim of Wallahs Academy Senior High School is to provide its students with first class training in social, moral and academic fields such as Business, General Arts, Visual Art, Information Communication Technology (ICT), General Science and Home Economics among, others. We as well want to ensure continuity in education.


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To lay a solid foundation for students at the basic and senior high school levels to meet the challenges of higher intellectual academic work.

To train qualified students, who for one reason or the other, could not have access to education in the government- assisted schools.

To make use of qualified, experienced and motivated teachers who are devoted and committed to training qualified students to meet the manpower needs of the nation.

To equip students with quality education, including adequate knowledge in ICT, to be able to take their rightful places in the current competitive job market so as to contribute their quota to national development.

To keep track of our past students, and use their bio-data to identify how to shape future programmes and policies to meet changing educational and economic trends in the country.

To look out for and incorporate best practices and the most committed, willing, experienced and hard-working staff, who will give the best tuition, guidance and counseling and character training to our students to make them become first among equals.


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